DISCOVOL, A Novel Curated Content Source

3 min readJan 29, 2022


It is difficult to find reliable and trustable content on web.

During web 2.0 era, massive content is generated daily by various creators, including professionals, amateurs, reviewers and influences. Viewing and sharing messages have become the norm in life of every day. You can find a large number of information on web, including twitter, facebook, instagram, wechat, snapshot and your favorite websites. Sometimes, you share what can be trusted or valuable with others.

However, there are vast majority of low quality content on the internet, for instance, spam, nonsense, dispute and false information. To find a reliable and trustable content is time consuming and annoying with ads. More non-transparent and unfair, web 2.0 platforms are centralized to control what creators post and what audience can see to maximize profit by web traffic prioritization.

Here, DISCOVOL, an appchain of web 3.0, is coming, which is a novel decentralized platform to distribute evidence-based reliable and trustable content. Compared with centralized platforms, DISCOVOL will help audience get what they really need as well as help distributors accumulate their reputation and get rewards reasonably.

Evidence-based high quality content in DISCOVOL.

In law, evidence is important and necessary to testify a criminal. Basically, evidence is used to prove someone or something to be true or a fact. Alternatively, evidence can used to prove content that can be reliable and trustable. Triggered by the conception of evidence-based medicine, DISCOVOL presents the novel evidence-based content source. Its goal is to distinguish high quality content from massive information published on web and disseminate to target audience. Let target audience get accurate information, understand properly and make informed decisions in an efficient way.

In DISCOVOL platform, when a discoverer believes some content should be reliable and trustable, the discoverer would register the content URL on chain. Next, if curators think the content is valuable and trustable, they would add the content URL into their curation lists on chain and share the high quality content with others. Keep in mind that the discovery and curation data have been stored on chain to serve as evidence to prove these contents can be trustable and reliable.

Gradually, if one content can get more curators’ following and viewers, the evidence of high quality will become more solid and stronger. Depending on evidences from curators and audience recognition, the content, the content discoverer and the content curators will be proved to be reliable and trustable. Based on these evidences, audience can get helpful, accurate and useful content directly from their favorite curators’ curation lists.

Evidence is essential and important in practice.

Evidence is used to helps us to make decision at work and life. Using evidence allows us to figure out what is reliable and trustable and what is not. In terms of discovering and distributing high quality content, it is important to assist audience to reach reliable and trustable content source involved in health, nutrition, disease prevention, etc.

In practice, evidence-based science communication should combine professional expertise and skills with the best available evidence from systematic research. Steps required to achieve this outcome include more quality assurance in science communication research, significant changes in teaching and training, and improved interfaces between science communication research and practice.

All in all, DISCOVOL is a pretty decentralized appchain of web 3.0, featured with novel evidence-based reliable and trustable content source.


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