Discovol -an Implemented Web3 Use Case

2 min readNov 4, 2022

Discovol webapp is open to global curators since Nov 1st. Genesis curators are welcomed to start professional curation of high-quality content at their expertise.

Being an innovative web3 use case, the glory and challenge come upon hand in hand.

Discovol aspires to organize global professionals together to explore new possibility of achievements with their expertise and social influence in the era of Web3.

Discovol DAO aims to construct a decentralized, self-organized community of global professionals. Discovol public service platform is a seamless integration of two parts: Value Management Platform built on blockchain infrastructure; and Collaboration Platform built on traditional internet technology. This Web3 application seems dissimilar with the existing Web2 applications and some DAPPs.

We can ensure our diligence of working, but we can’t predict the first successful use case and when it might appear.

Discovol DAO is an innovative, experimental organization with no successful rules to follow. We have to explore and improve persistently to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

To be sure, users of Web3 application face a lot of known or unknown risks in its infancy.

Blockchain infrastructure on which Web3 applications are based, is evolving and yet far away full-fledged. It is not a surprise that the hacking happened on some projects and will happen somehow in the future. The token price representing the value of Web3 application could be very volatile on market because of heavy speculation.

In order to avoid the risk of unnecessary financial loss, we do not recommend that you participate in any digital asset speculation, including $DISC token, unless you are already a mature digital asset investor.

We expect that you can contribute your professional services and participate in promoting the expansion of Discovol DAO to obtain $DISC incentive; share the future value growth of Discovol DAO as a long-term $DISC holder.

At the same time, we hope that you can build up your global influence by accumulating professional reputation in the community, and it helps you achieve greater success in your professional field. More importantly, by deeply engaging in the construction of Discovol DAO, you will be fully prepared to become a value capturer in the new era when the golden age of Web3 application arrives.




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