Discovol Poised to Welcome Real-World Users

2 min readOct 28, 2022


Discovol DAO is poised to welcome real-world users. Its web app (discovol.co) will be open to register since Nov 1st, 2022.

Discovol DAO is a decentralized, open, and global organization. It aims to self-organize professionals to filter and recommend high-quality content for users effectively. Most importantly, it provides incentive mechanism to record and reward professionals’ contribution.

Discovol platform is built on blockchain featured as openness, transparency and tamper-proof. The inherent features of blockchain ensure that professionals’ contribution and influence will be calculated and rewarded fair and credibly. Members’ privilege will not be deprived of.

Professionals get rewards in four ways.

1. Discover high-quality content and register on the platform, to be the exclusive discoverer who will get usage fee of the content.

2. Filter content and publish column, attract paid browsing and recommendation.

3. Provide paid customized content service to users.

4. Join Pioneer Accelerator, invite and guide new members, get inviter rewards.

Members provide services to gain tradable token $DISC and non-transferrable token RIF. $DISC represents the right to use all kinds of service on Discovol platform, and RIF is the embodiment of reputation and influence. $DISC is a medium of exchange for services and can be traded on market. The accumulation of RIF will entitle the member of dividends of the platform vault revenue. Along with Discovol DAO expansion, long-term $DISC holders will enjoy value increment from increased network effect.

How to be a Curator

Visit https://discovol.co to register with an invitation code. You can get it from a curator you know or from Discovol official groups.

Telegram: https://t.me/Discovol

Discord: https://discord.gg/zPpSrDmuR9


1. Discovol platform runs fully functional on web. But on mobile client, functions are limited so far.

2. Discovol is designed to provide global content service. But in some area, you may need to use a proxy.

3. A blockchain wallet plugin should be installed in the browser. Chrome and Firefox browser are recommended. Please follow the guide to proceed registration.

New curator benefits:

  1. After registration, you will get 1000 Dio (=10 $DISC) to view the contents.

2. New curator can apply to join Pioneer Accelerator with the inviter’s help. Pioneer curator will be subsidized 1000 $DISC. For more details, please check the Pioneer Accelerator Plan. (https://discovol.co/web3/#/web3/newguide?params=ImFib3V0X3Mi)




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