How to Earn Discovol Token


$RIF is a non-transferable token which represents for the contribution, reputation, and influence power of Curators. A certain proportion of $RIF tokens will be slashed periodically. This design is expected to encourage long-lasting contribution and reduce the first-mover advantage.


$DISC is the native token of the Discovol Appchain. It represents the right to use the infrastructure, public resources, and services of the Discovol platform. It also works as a contribution incentive, a store of value, and a medium of exchange in the ecosystem.

  1. Discover high-quality content. (Within 1 year from mainnet launch, when you discover and curate a content, you not only get 10 $DISC subsidy and 1 RIF, but also 1 invitation code. This incentive limits to each Curator’s first 25 contents.)
  2. Provide curation service to subscribers, or content promotion to creators, advertisers.
  3. Promote DAO expansion, organize and serve new users. 30% of the Platform Vault income will be rewarded to inviters. (Rich marketing plan published in Discovol official TG group, join in
  4. Develop and maintain Discovol platform facilities.



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