How to Use Discovol Testnet

Browser: Please use Chrome browser.

Testnet URL:

Registration: Invitation code is a must during testnet stage.

Warning: Don’t use “Refresh” to refresh the webpage.

After registration or login, you could browse “New discovery”.

  • Click “lock”, you can see the original content. It costs 20 Dio (60% reward to the curator, 20% to the discoverer). Dio is a web 2.0 account equivalent of $DISC, 100 Dio=1 $DISC. Each new user can get 1000 Dio to see the content.
  • Click “C+”, you can cite this content to your own curation list. It costs 1.0–1.5 $DISC (40% reward to the curator you cite from, 40% to the discoverer).
  • Click “chain”, you can see the citation chain of the content, i.e., who discovered it, who cited it. (Every citation will give the previous curator and the discoverer 1 $RIF respectively.)

Note: 1000 tDio will flow into your account after the completion of the registration. 100 t$DISC will be transferred to your Polkadot wallet by Admin manually. So maybe there is some delay.

As a Cryptodegen, you found a brilliant content about token design. you would like register it in Discovol to become a discoverer & its first curator.

Step 1, copy the URL of the content into the box, then click “pencil”.

Step 2, pay 10 $DISC to become a discoverer if the URL is not registered by others.

Step 3, citing it in your curation list costs 1.0–1.5 $DISC based on the score you give. Fill in the title and the review, choose the related field and language carefully. This work will help others know if the content is worthy to spend time.

After submission, this content will appear in your homepage curation list. If anyone else see it or cite it, you can get reward.

You can see Dio and $DISC IN and EX in your Wallet.

The above is a succinct introduction on the basic functions of Discovol - a simple, robust, and user-friendly web 3.0 platform.




A decentralized platform to discover and distribute high-quality content

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A decentralized platform to discover and distribute high-quality content

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