To address the dilemma of content quality and popularity

What is your purpose of surfing on web?

If you are going to kill some time, then popular posts might be suitable for you. Every second Twitter accounts generate 87,500 tweets; users upload 100 hours of new video material on YouTube. [1] That means it will take you 5–10 days to read and watch. Even if you focus on some popular with top reaching rank, you would spend whole day on it.

Methods to find high-quality content on social media

The quality of user-generated content varies drastically from excellent to abuse or spam. As such contents increase, the task of identifying high-quality content on social media based on user contributions becomes increasingly important. As a test case, focusing on Yahoo! Answers, a large community question/answering portal is particularly rich in the amount and types of content and social interactions available in it. A general classification framework for combining the evidence from different sources of information can be tuned automatically for a given social media type and quality definition. Specific to the community question/answering domain, this system can separate high-quality items from the rest. [4]

You can create high-quality content with your expertise

Generally high-quality contents are comprehensive, useful, helpful, educational, and accurate. [7] If you are willing to generate great content, you could consider using proper formatting for readability, doing research to maintain trust and authority, adding your own perspective, capitalizing on your own experiences, studies, and data, reviewing and editing. Meanwhile value-driven content ideas can give you an opportunity to demonstrate your expertise and position yourself as an authority. [8]



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